Group Seminars 2010-2011

    15/10/2010 15:00
    Panayotis Katsaloulis
    "Fractals in human brain neuron structures"

    29/10/2010 15:00
    Nikos Kouvaris
    "Coupled neuron oscillators"

    17/12/2010 13:00
    Thomas Oikonomou
    "The ensemble approach and the relation between Boltzmann and Gibbs statistics"

    27/01/2011 13:00
    Jason Basset
    "Deterministic and stochastic population models SIRS"

    01/04/2011 14:00
    Astero Provata
    "Modeling the multifractal prperties of DNA"

    06/05/2011 13:00
    Michalis Kovanis
    "Study of the model FitzHugh-Nagumo for the dynamical representation of neuron networks"

    14/05/2011 15:00
    Evelyn Panagakou
    "Synchronization phenomena in discrete and continuous nonlinear dynamical systems"