Scientific Organizing Committee:

Κ. Hizanidis (NTUA, Αthens), E. Floratos (University of Athens), A. Vakakis (NTUA,

Athens), Α. Provata («Demokritos» Research Center, Αthens), K. Eftaxias (University of

Athens), T. Bountis (University of Patras ),  G. Tsironis (University of Crete), L. Vlahos

(University of Thessaloniki).

Local Organizing Committee: 

Α. Provata (NCRS «Demokritos», Αthens), P. Katsaloulis (NCRS «Demokritos», Αthens), I.

Kominis (National Polytechnic, Αthens), F. Diakonos (University of Athens), M. Axenides

(NCRS «Demokritos», Αthens), N. Efremidis (University of Crete), V. Rothos (University of

Thessaloniki), Ch. Skokos (Max Planck Institute, Dresden).


Chaos and Fractals. Strange Attractors and Hamiltonian Dynamics, Integrability and

Bifurcations. Solitons, Nonlinear Ordinary Differential and Difference Equations. Spatially

Exxtended Systems, Pattern Formation, Nonlinear Analysis of Time Series, Signals and Images,

Synchronization and Control of Chaos. Applications to Complex Systems in Physics,

Chemistry, Biology, Medicine, Economics and Engineering.


Besides young researchers, we encourage the participation of graduate students and

undergraduate students (who are in the last 1-2 years of their studies), as well as High School

teachers who have an active interest in the topics of the meeting. The lectures are given by

Greek and foreign Professors and researchers working in Universities and Laboratories in

Greece and around the world. We also welcome presentations by Masters and Ph.D. degree

candidates, in the form of short talks (30’) and /or posters. Applications for such presentations

are made through the individual Application Forms and are granted after obtaining the approval

of the Scientific Organizing Committee of the meeting.

Daily Program

The basic lectures of the Conference – Summer School are given in the mornings in the form of

hourly introductory presentations (9.00-13.30), while the afternoons are reserved for short talks

of more specialized interest, as well as poster presentations (15.00-17.30).

Synchronization and Control of Chaos. Applications to Complex Sys

Local Expenses

There is a limited amount of funding that is mainly reserved for the local expenses of all invited

speakers. Part of the expenses of young researchers and graduate students is also provided by

the Local Organizing Committee, upon evaluation of each individual application. First priority

is given to young researchers presenting a short talk or a poster, then to graduate students

working on their Ph.D. in an area related to Nonlinear Science and Complexity and then to the

remaining graduate and undergraduate students.  The registration fee of 150 Εuro covers all

coffee – breaks, the folder of the meeting and free admission to all social activities (conference

dinner, cultural evening and excursion). For students the registration fee is 75 Euro.

Αpplication Forms

Online pplications are closed. Τo participate please join us in the conference site.


21st International


"Nonlinear Science

and Complexity"

21 July – 2 August 2008, National Technical University, Athens, GREECE