Astero Provata


Statistical Dynamics of Far-from-Equilibrium Processes
and Non-linear Dynamics

Address: Dr. A. Provata
Institute of Physical Chemistry
National Center for Scientific Research "Demokritos"
15310 Athens, Greece
Tel: + (30) 210 6503964; Fax: + (30) 210 6511766

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2000: Statistical and Dynamical Aspects of Surface Reactions:
Theory, Modelling and Experiments

2004: Dynamics at the Mesoscale:
Theory, Modelling and Experiments

Research Key-words

Non-linear Dynamics, Statistical Dynamics.
Fluctuations, Reaction-Diffusion Processes, Anomalous Diffusion.
Fractals, Long Range Correlations, Levi Distributions.
Bioinformatics, Genome Organisation and Genomic Statistics.


Diploma, Physics, University of Athens, Greece, 1985.
Master of Science, Physics, Boston University, USA, 1989.
PhD, Physics, Boston University, USA, 1991.

Post-doctoral Researcher, Free University of Brussels, Belgium, 1991-1994.
Visiting Scientist, University of Wageningen, The Netherlands, 1995.
Researcher, National Research Centre for Physical Sciences "Demokritos", Greece, 1995-1998.
Senior Researcher, National Research Centre for Physical Sciences "Demokritos", Greece, 1999-...

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Bioinformatics: Long Range Correlations and Fractal Properties of DNA Sequences

Growth of Fractal Patterns in Far-from-Equilibrium Processes

Studies on Reaction-Diffusion Processes and Anomalous Kinetics


Studies on Random Walk and Diffusion Related Problems

Studies on the Properties of Aggregation

Studies on the Statistical Properties of Dissipative Systems

Thermodynamical Calculation of the Pressure and Surface Tension in Thin Liquid Films


Dr. George A. Tsekouras (Postdoctoral Researcher)

Panayotis Katsaloulis (PhD student)

Dr. Kostas Sfyrakis (Postdoctoral Researcher)

Dr. Vassilis Efstratiadis (Postdoctoral Researcher)

Viki Noussiou (MA-PhD student)

Thomas Oikonomou (MhD student)


Vassilios Prassas (Masters 1998)

Arnaud Chantron (DEA 1999)

Cyril Langlois (DEA 2001)

Dr. Ioannis Rabias (Postdoctoral Researcher 2000)

Dr. George Kalosakas (Postdoctoral Researcher 2001)

Dr. Alexey Shabunin (Postdoctoral Researcher 1999,2001,2003)

Dr. Olga Chichigina (Postdoctoral Researcher 2004)

Evi Chondrou (Masters 2004)


Prof. Gregoire Nicolis (Free University of Brussels, Belgium)
Prof. Florence Baras (Free University of Brussels, Belgium)
Dr. Brendan J. Howlin (University of Surrey, UK)
Prof. Vladimir Astakhov (Saratov State University, Russia)
Prof. Vadim Anishchenko (Saratov State University, Russia)
Prof. Tassos Bountis (University of Patras, Greece)
Prof. BaiLin Hao (Chinese Academy of Sciences, China)
Prof. Anastasios Malakis (University of Athens, Greece)
Dr. Fotis Diakonos (University of Athens, Greece)
Prof. Theoharis Theoharis (University of Athens, Greece)

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